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Important Numbers:
Voice: 1-866-AMG-ASST
Fax: 1-877-877-6542

Monday - Friday
9:00AM-8:00PM ET
Mailing Address:
Amgen Assist®
PO Box 220807
Charlotte, NC 28222-0807


Materials to Assist You With Accessing Prolia® for Your Patients

Insurance Verification Request

Insurance Verification Request Form
Amgen Assist® can work directly with insurers to help verify patient coverage and out-of-pocket costs for Prolia®. Amgen Assist® communicates insurance verification results directly to your office and, if requested, to your patients. To request Amgen Assist® assistance for an individual patient, either complete the Insurance Verification Request form and fax it to Amgen Assist® at 877-877-6542 or register for Amgen Assist® Support Portal to submit requests through the Internet.

Additional Resources

Coding & Billing
This informational resource can be used to understand how to complete the CMS 1500 form for physician offices. For additional information in completing the CMS 1500 form and for payer specific requirements, please contact Amgen Assist® at 866-AMG-ASST (866-264-2778).

Preferred Distributors

For Prolia® Preferred Distributors

Besse Medical: Phone: 800-543-2111
Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution: Phone: 866-677-4844
McKesson Specialty Care Solutions: Phone: 800-482-6700
Metro Medical: Phone: 800-768-2002 Fax: 615-312-9920
CuraScript: Phone: 877-599-7748
AndaMEDS: Phone: 855-772-2879 Fax: 800-989-0700
Henry Schein Inc.: Phone: 800-472-4346

Oncology Supply: Phone: 800-633-7555

Cardinal Health PR 120 Inc.: Phone: 787-625-4100

Cesar Castillo: Phone: 787-999-1616