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Important Numbers:
Voice: 1-877-PROLIA1
Fax: 1-877-877-6542

Monday - Friday
9:00AM-8:00PM ET
Mailing Address:
PO Box 220807
Charlotte, NC 28222-0807


Materials to Assist You With Accessing Prolia® for Your Patients

Insurance Verification Request

Insurance Verification Request Form
ProliaPLUS® can work directly with insurers to help verify patient coverage and out-of-pocket costs for Prolia®. ProliaPLUS® communicates insurance verification results directly to your office and, if requested, to your patients. To request ProliaPLUS® assistance for an individual patient, either complete the Insurance Verification Request form and fax it to ProliaPLUS® at 877-877-6542 or register for ProliaPLUS® Online to submit requests through the Internet.

Preferred Distributors

For Prolia® Preferred Distributors

Besse Medical: Phone: 800-543-2111
Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution: Phone: 866-677-4844
McKesson Specialty Care Solutions: Phone: 800-482-6700
Metro Medical: Phone: 800-768-2002 Fax: 615-312-9920
CuraScript: Phone: 877-599-7748
AndaMEDS: Phone: 855-772-2879 Fax: 800-989-0700